Virtual Zoo - put in smaller groups to allow them to better respond to each other - http://kushnercorner.wikispaces.com/virtual_zoo
- assigned small groups of kids across three classes - kids added research to their list
- 1 month non-block - some class-time, interspersed with other class activities
- added in lessons about copyright issues and use of graphic (will be part of the digital academy eventually)
- kids then used iWeb to create a website - the teacher makes up the main page (can be a "zookeeper" - design main page and check on other people's stuff)
- www.weebly.com option
- kids then come up with 3 core questions on their phylum - past into a Google Doc, give questions out, is this question found in the website? Peer feedback.

Systems (AP) - Grand Wrap-Up before the AP Test
wanted something creative - lots of cut and paste before
- dating service for LoveLorn Phyla
- http://lovelornphyla.wikispaces.com
- www.slideshare.com / Google Presentation is an option
- students present their PPT and then use it to study

Invasive Species Project
- http://introducedspecieswhsapbio.wikispaces.com
- parameters of information needed to post

Taxonomy - Lower Level - Species Identification Portfolio
- www.hatboro-horsham.org/academicbio > Taxonomy
- Students are taxonomists and name a species

Evolution - wikipages
- http://kushnerkorner.wikispaces.com/Evolution_Literature
- social studies teacher lectured on Darwin
- biology teacher lectured on Evolution - theories / background information
- 2 days - lab situations - classes are integrated
- scienceinmotion - borrowed equipment, 5 different small lab settings, how to analyze scientific evidence to provide proof for the theory of evolution
- Finches, Universe, Skeletal - can choose to take from literature or science perspective, analyze it in terms of best evidence or proof
- produce a podcast or video
- 2 weeks
- junior level English and sophomore Biology

Collaborative rubric

Darwin's Journey
- Google Maps - collaboratively build his journey using journal excerpts and then go through and answer higher-level questions.
- http://earth.google.com/outreach/tutorial_mapper.html
- http://sites.google.com/site/gtaresources can send to CFF teachers to expand the project
- Watch the video - Darwin's Dangerous Idea - choose anyone to write back to him about how he's changed things, then someone else pretends to be Darwin who receives the letter and then responds