On Dec 5th, 2008 Coaches & Teachers in Montgomery County, PA met for general discussion on tech use in biology followed by a more specific examination and sharing of tech in the following curricular areas: biochem / cell, DNA / gene expression / cell division, genetics / genetic engineering, evolution / classification.



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Upper Merion


1 - introductions with overview of how each person is using technology in their classes - what's the focus?
2 - successes / challenges / needs
3 - curriculum review from a technology standpoint - going through each of the 4 areas and sharing specific lessons


  • Synchronize for classroom management, pushing items out to students
  • Things in different places- schoolwires, wikispaces, moodle, teacher website, etc. - how to manage
  • for email - digital lockers, gmail for kids
  • what about COPPA?
  • SMART - Synchroneyes classroom management software
  • Digital Academy
    • apps types of course
    • for 1:1 implementation
    • 9th grade - year long course
    • online component
    • digital citizenship
    • time management
  • Learning communities in lieu of faculty meetings
    • Mixed groups
    • Topic based
    • AM or PM based on teachers' preference
  • PD in summer workshops
  • Google suite of apps - open, accessible 24/7
    • Google sites instead of iWeb
  • Include students in the planning process
    • To see their feedback and reflections on time spent on projects
  • Blogging:


biochem / cell
DNA / gene expression / cell division
Genetics / genetic engineering
evolution / classification